Gregg L. Kabacinski & Associates is an actuarial and financial consulting firm providing the following services:

QDRO, EDRO, and DRO preparation 

We prepare QDROs, EDROs, and DROs for all types of retirement and deferred compensation plans. Our orders have been used as models by large corporations and government organizations due to their unrivaled thoroughness and accuracy. In addition to drafting orders, we review and revise proposed orders drafted by others.

Valuation of retirement benefits 

We perform valuations of retirement benefits to assist our clients in the complicated financial decisions involved with divorce, financial planning, and early retirement windows and buy-out elections. We specialize in the determination of pension benefits and social security benefits for plan participants, surviving spouses, alternate payee former spouses, and plan administrators. Our expertise and independent analyses are also relied upon by many professionals, including attorneys, accountants, judges, and plan administrators.

Valuation of economic losses 

The valuation of lost wages and benefits is often the most significant issue in legal malpractice and personal injury cases. We specialize in the determination, valuation, and restitution of lost retirement benefits due to an improperly drafted or improperly interpreted QDRO, EDRO, or DRO. We also perform valuations of lost wages and benefits in personal injury cases.

Expert testimony 

We provide expert witness testimony in state and federal court regarding all of the above issues.

Financial planning 

We provide financial planning services to a large and diverse group of clients, including union members, non-represented hourly and salaried employees, executives, teachers, and municipal, state, and federal employees. We specialize in the determination and forecasting of retirement benefits from pension plans, 401(k) savings plans, 403(b) tax-sheltered annuities, non-qualified deferred compensation plans, and social security. In addition to the above services, our financial planning services include analysis of mortgages, life insurance needs, disability insurance needs, savings plans, and debt management.

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