We all know people are quick to criticize, but don't often compliment a job well done. That is why the following testimonials speak volumes to the unrivaled quality of our services and our staff. These are only a select few of the hundreds of unsolicited testimonials we have received from our clients and other professionals.

"The judge was so impressed with Gregg's testimony that he told opposing counsel not to bother bringing anyone else in."
Debra Ribitwer, Attorney
Debra N. Ribitwer & Associates, P.C.
Birmingham, MI
"Gregg L. Kabacinski, Actuarial and Financial Consultant, is one of the most esteemed Michigan experts in matters of QDROs."
Sharon A. Gardner, Attorney
Clarkston, MI
"I believe that you will find by contacting most of the principal divorce lawyers in Oakland County, that they would concur that Gregg Kabacinski is the preeminent expert on retirement plans in connection with divorce matters."
George E. Snyder, Attorney
Bloomfield Hills, MI
"On behalf of the Domestic Relations Committee of the Macomb County Bar Association, you received a resounding excellent from the evaluation sheets of the attorneys that attended."
Sterling Heights, MI
"I would like to make a special note of the contribution of Gregg Kabacinski who has been a zealous advocate on behalf of his clients…. It was in large part because of Gregg's persistence in pursuing General Motors’ approval of QDROs beneficial to his clients that this Committee was formed and the actions summarized above undertaken."
Joseph W. Cunningham, Chairman
Michigan State Bar Ad Hoc Committee on QDROs
Southfield, MI
"I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all your time, energy, professionalism. I'd also like to comment on your office staff. They were so eager to assist....you must have a super group over there. Thank you very sincerely."
Name withheld for client privacy
"The company folded to your argument and they are now paying our client $1,195.79 per month. They are even going to pay her retroactively for the difference. I am so pleased and couldn't have done it without you."
Timothy Fryhoff, Attorney
Fryhoff & Lynch P.L.L.C.
Bloomfield Hills, MI
"I think it might be beneficial for our clients to engage Mr. Kabacinski to prepare the QDRO. He is very well known and respected by the Judges and is considered to be an expert in this field."
Susan E. Paletz
Paletz Law Firm
Bingham Farms, MI
"Thanks again for your 'service beyond the call of duty' in responding so quickly to the needs of my client in this case."
Marjory B. Cohen
Mogill, Posner & Cohen
Detroit, MI
"Words can't express my appreciation for all your help with my QDRO."
Name withheld for client privacy
"We are trying to compile sample QDROs. Any suggestions would be appreciated."
Angie Matusz
Ford Motor Company
QDRO Administration
National Employee Services Center
"First, many thanks for taking the time to review our new QDRO models. Your input is much appreciated, and each of your suggestions will be reflected in future printings."
John W. Reed, Jr., Attorney
Chrysler Corporation
Retirement Benefits
Auburn Hills, MI
"Since you were so invaluable in developing the original EDRO Act, your comments and suggestions regarding this amendatory bill are most welcome."
George Orban
State of Michigan Department of Management and Budget
Lansing, MI
"All of Gregg's fine work certainly impressed the judge. I am so grateful for all he did for me."
Name withheld for client privacy
"Gregg is an actuarial and financial professional and, in my opinion, the foremost expert in matters dealing with DROs and the division of qualified and non-qualified retirement accounts."
James Alle
James Alle Law Office
Grosse Pointe, MI
"Thank you for agreeing to assist us in our selection between the current defined benefit plan and the new offering of a defined contribution plan."
Honorable Pamela R. Harwood
Former Circuit Court Judge
Third Circuit Court
Detroit, MI
"The divorce process can get pretty complicated what with the sophisticated and complex investments, pension plans and frequent changes in laws these days. This month, financial consultant Gregg Kabacinski appeared before a packed house of committee members. A good portion of Kabacinski's nearly two-hour presentation dealt with Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) and he was peppered with questions from members of the audience. Kabacinski is very much in demand. He specializes in pensions and some of these areas can get pretty complicated. Consultants such as Kabacinski can provide invaluable help."
Melanie Brown
Oakland County Legal News
"Thank you for staying with me all this time and helping me. Thanks again for your help and encouragement."
Name withheld for client privacy
"The case settled. Your reports were wonderful. They saved my client a lot of money."
Steve Wilen, Attorney
Law Office of Steven H. Wilen
Birmingham, MI
"So many people highly recommend Gregg and admire his work."
Thomas O. Moors, Attorney
Moors & Comorski
Ypsilanti, MI
"I sincerely thank you and appreciate all of your efforts in clearing up the issues surrounding the Railroad Retirement Benefits."
Douglas L. Dinning
Dinning & Greve, P.L.C.
Sterling Heights, MI
"Your court presentation was perfect. Thank you."
Sylvia K. Delin, Attorney
Southfield, MI


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